I first started dabbling in carpentry when I was 8, hanging out with my grandpas. My Grandpa John Klein, who was the go to repair man of my youth, inspired me to work with my hands. Whether that was making a simple sting and stick into a bow, or helping him build his garden shed, he built a foundation for my future in skilled trades.

My Grandpa Crawford, who often volunteered for his church doing fine carpentry and handyman jobs gave me my first experiences in a wood shop. The techniques and knowledge were invaluable when making my first wooden swords and small child sized furniture. To this day I still use the child sized sawhorses I built in his shop.

​Since I was 8, I have added a world of new experiences that include the Marine Corps, the Army, and Years of construction. All of these experiences lead me to starting my company, Kleins Construction. With the main focus on quality craftsmanship and material's that will last the test of time.

Today, while striving to proved the best construction practices available, I work to pass the same love, knowledge, and techniques I learned to my beautiful daughters.